Absorbits™ is a patented material “sandwich”
of encapsulated desiccant in durable moisture-wicking nylon.


1. Absorbits™ acts as a commercial de-humidifier, but without the need for electricity.

2. Absorbits™ durable nylon material pulls moisture - visible or not – away from the device that you place inside.

3. The moisture is then absorbed into the desiccant.

4. The desiccant holds moisture until the material is dried out in the sun or on the lowest setting in dryer.

5. Designed for repeated use.

Small Electronics Rescue Pouch (fits most smartphones and smaller devices))


1. Turn off the wet device immediately.

2. Remove device case or covering.

3. If possible, remove the battery. If not, that’s okay.

4. Wipe down device and all components with dry towel or cloth.

5. Place device and battery inside Absorbits™ pouch.

6. Check device in 4-6 hours. If it is still not turning on, repeat until it has been in rescue pouch for total of 24 hours.

REUSABLE: To prepare pouch for next use, simply place in the sun or dry with a hair dryer or in clothes dryer on lowest heat setting.